Wednesday, October 6, 2010

a few small changes and we're almost there

I have been working on my craftroom wall and wanted to show you some updates I've been working on.  Most of these came from the spraypaint pile last week.  Here it is when we last saw it:
And here is the lasted version:

I added some material to the back of the wizard of oz doll collections,  I know that the munchkin is tipping, I think I 'm going to need to add some glue dots to keep them in place.  Plus I'm not sure if It will stay there permanently, so I will wait.  It's off kilter because of the air vent, under the bulletin board and I'm not sure if I like it that way or not.  The clipboard I painted with some oops paint and then glued to scrapbook papers to it.  I also put the striped fabric in the picture to show where the color scheme came from.  In about a week when this wall is complete I will be making lined drapes for the craft room window.  They are super easy to do, and I will be sure to give lots of tips.  

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