Thursday, September 30, 2010

3rd spraypaint project

I'm not thilled with the picture, I took it a little later in the day then usual.  It's not in an arrangement that will stay, but I wanted you to see how it's going.  The frame was originally black and I spraypainted it lime green.  I went to lowes today and had them cut a pegboard down to size that would fit in it.  They were very helpful doing that.  I have peg board attachments to put in to hold my scissors and tape measures etc.  The bottom left box is a shadowbox filled with dolls from the wizard of oz.  I'm not a doll collector at all, but loved theses.  Above everything is my logo and sign that I take when I sell at craft shows.  I will have a better set up and pictures this weekend to show it better.  Tomorrow I am going to Canton, it's a huge flea market in Tx and who knows what I might find.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2nd spray paint project

I just finished this and I am so loving it!  This was one of the rooster plaques that I was hesitant to paint, but no one wanted it and it had been in my garage for awhile.  So I primed it with 2 coats of spraypaint primer.  Then I used aqua spraypaint from Lowes.  3 coats.  I thought it needed alittle bit more so I made a stencil with some paper and my 3 inch round hole punch, and painted it in the same color just a little darker.

There are a few drips, but I'm fine with it, because it will be on a wall in my craft room and won't be noticeable.  The scissors were also from my big spraypaint pile the other day.  They were 80% off at hobby lobby.  They were originally a dark wood stain, so I did 3 coats of primer and didn't really need to paint them beyond the primer.  They didn't have any hangers on the back and they are heavy suckers.  So I needed to put two nails in the plaque to hold them in place.  You can see one of them in the next closeup pictures

I am hanging these next to some other things I have spray painted.  I will show the frame tomorrow and hopefully have them up on the wall together in my craftroom.  See you tomorrow.

1st project from the spraypaint pile

This is probably the only one that I didn't spray paint.  I bought a huge galvanized pail from lowes for 10 bucks.  Yesterday I painted half of it with two coats of chalkboard paint. 

It is very windy in Tx, so I dropped abunch of bricks that I had in the garage to anchor it.

Then I added the pumpkins.

Added a little "happy fall Ya'll "  with some chalk and it's done!  
When I painted the chalkboard paint, I didn't prime or tape off.  I find it very forgiving and just slop it on.  I've painted several things with it and it has worked great.  Stop by tomorrow and I will have another project or maybe two for you.  Bye!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's spray paint day!

Doesn't every family celebrate that?  I decided this week is a perfect week to get some projects out of the way.  I'm waiting (almost patiently) to get my butcher block countertop for my kitchen island on Oct. 15 and doing other projects that I have on hand makes me feel less impatient.  I gathered up everything that needs to be spraypainted and put it outside in a pile, here she is:

I love how this picture turned out!  I did it on purpose so the colors would be a surprise.  Keep checking back this week to see what I do.   Just to make it clearer, I will type what is what from left to right.  The first is an upside down rooster picture.  There are two and I really struggled with painting these.  I love them, but they don't work in my house any longer.  I have tried to give them away and no one wanted them, so they have been in my garage for at least 6 months, so time to move on.  They will beautiful as something else.  Next to the rooster picture and behind is a huge frame, then a huge galvanized bucket from Lowes.  $10 bucks in the paint department and it is going to look cute.  Then in front of the bucket is an old picket fence tray, complete with 80's handpainting.  and a huge pair of scissors.  All of this has been hanging out at my house for awhile.  The tray was about 2 bucks from a thrift store and the scissors we're 80% off at hobby lobby.

Bye for now, I'll see you all this week with the different results.  Hopefully one a day.

New kitchen island

Actually it's old, but revamped.  Before I get started I would like to give credit where credit is due and say that I got the final paint recipe from this blog.  As soon as I saw it I knew it was exactly what I had been trying to do, so for better explanations and tutorials please go to primandproper.  Ok so here is my beauty, but first I have to explain that it is only about 75% done, but csi project is having a link party for all things aqua and I HAD to post this!

This began life as a typical wood island, nothing unusual or great, builder grade.  My husband surprised me one day by attaching beadboard.  He also added the beautiful picture molding on the sides and back.  Plus the texas stars in all the corners.  It was Glorious.  Everything I had ever wanted in an island, but I could not figure out how to make it what I wanted.  I painted it sage green, hated it!  I painted it glossy black, hated it!  Finally I found the dresser at prim and proper and we were off and running.  The paint is sherwin williams rapture blue in a satin finish.  I actually went to lowes and got the color copied (because I'm cheap;)!  I gave it two coats, then sanded it with an orbital sander and by hand.  Sometimes if you only use an orbital sander it can leave a mark that looks very mechanical.  Then I stained it with minwax provincial and two coat of poly.  In my opinion it's perfection!  Just a warning: the blue is very vibrant, don't panic it tones down and becomes a beautiful aqua with the stain added.

Now she's not done.  I have been saving, and waiting, and saving, and waiting, and saving and waiting.  I think you get the picture.  For a beautiful butcher block top countertop.  I have the hardware ready to put on and just need to do the outlet covers in the same finish. I will post the completed island around Oct. 15th.  Hopefully I will see you then.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween twirl skirt

I just listed my new halloween twirl skirt on my etsy account.  I think I have 4 total of these.  I love a twirl skirt.  When my daughter was younger she had one for every holiday, but now that she is a teen she is a little pickier about what I'm allowed to make her.  I am going to post this on craftomaniac today.  If you haven't seen that blog yet, you might want to look around.  Lots of fun craft ideas.  Thanks.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I love fall!  It's my favorite season. It always has been, no matter where I have lived.  It's a reprieve from summer heat, but not quite winter and the colors speak for themselves.  Although in Tx it is still in the 90's, we have kicked it into fall around our house. 

Here is my dining room tablescape.  My tablecloth was made by my great grandmother.  I love the beautiful orange flowers and scrolls.  I combined different candlesticks.  Some were different colors and some silver.  I just spray painted whatever wasn't silver, silver.  Then added some candles and smaller faux pumpkins and gourds. 

Here is my entryway.  Candles just piled high with candycorn.  The biggest problem is keeping my husband out of the candy!  He has come home a few times with just a small bag of candycorn and without saying anything just poured it on top.  It seems to be staying level through this:)  And lastly prepare yourself............

My Toes!

I have a secret love of my toes!  My family is horrified right now.  My sister has probably fainted by my admitting this.  They think my feet are disgusting, but I love a seasonal pedicure.  This isn't my most favorite, in fact I will probably redo it.  But I think it's cute and seasonal.  The orange is two coats and then just the end of a makebrush dipped into black to make the dots and two coats of topcoat.  Thanks for stopping by.  Tomorrow I will hopefully have an owl pillow to show.

Monday, September 20, 2010

spooky chandeleir drops

Spooky chandelier drops were so fun to make.  I took halloween colored ribbons that I had lying around and some color themed paper.  I used my 1 " circle punch for the white eye, my 3/4 inch for the color and just a basic circle punch for the center.  I glued to on either side of the ribbon, to stick to each other and then tied them on each drop.  Very fun and very quick and easy!

Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm excited to share my new shower.  Our house is 11 years old, one year past the magic 10 year warranty period.  One day while cleaning I saw a little black dot on the pony wall beside the shower.  I took my sponge to clean it real quick and the stinking wall started to disintegrate!  Not Good!  This is what we ended up with, of course lots of interior mold and yuckiness.

This is what we ended up with! 

I am so happy with the results!  We were very concerned with doing the shower right, with quality materials and not having to go through the whole mold yuckiness again.  If anyone lives in the Dallas area and needs a contractors name, I would be happy to pass that on.  They showed up on time, did the work well and charged us what they said they would and were done a few hours early.  When does that ever happen?  
We already had new tiled floors and wanted to match them as best we could.  Here is the picture that shows how well we did.  We are switching everything over to oil rubbed bronze fixtures.  I will show those as we get them.  Now the next question is- should I paint the cabinets?  They are laminate, but I like the shape and style of them and they function well.  We will be getting new countertops, but should we get new cabinets too?  I want it to look really nice, like painted wood and I'm not sure if I can get away with painting them and getting that effect.  Of course finances are always a concern.  So let me know your opinions please.