Friday, March 25, 2011

2nd furniture sale

My first piece sold!  Hallelujah!  So I now have the courage to go for it again.  This is a dresser that I got at a garage sale for $5.  It had cigarette burns on the top and was not in great shape.  And because I wasn't thinking clearly I didn't take a before picture. Sorry.

I painted it laura ashley sterling, in satin finish and then distressed it a bit, then did a glaze with ebony minwax stain and quickly rubbed it off.  After doing that I thought it needed some more detail so I taped off the diamond and did a quick white wash with primer and then restained.  Then a final coat of poly.   
I am going to let this sit over the weekend and then take it into the store and see if it sells or not.  I can also buy more garage sale finds because I have finished painting all my furniture that was piling up.  I have to make little deals with myself like that or I would be guest starring on hoarders. 


  1. Very Cute!! That would have been hard to let go..

  2. This is very nice. $5??? I think there are exceptions to the hoarding category when you find deals like that. You did an awesome job!
    Found you via tater tots!

  3. Great find and what a deal !!!! You did a great a job redoing it...I almost always forget the before shot too.

  4. How fun! Congrats on your first of many sales!

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