Monday, March 28, 2011

Learning from my mistakes and an etsy listing

Rule number one of bathroom diy:  Never, ever change the fixtures to a different color unless you have to, especially in a master bathroom.

We are redoing our master bathroom.  It all started with a leaky, poorly built shower.  It's actually what my first blog post was about. Well 6 mths later and we are still working on that last 10 percent of the remodel.  Not because we are slowgoing or lazy, it's all financial.  We switched from gold to oil rubbed bronze.  I don't know why, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  The rest of our bathrooms are silver, I didn't like the gold and our shower was going to be redone so why not do what I want?

Good idea?


  Because it's a master bathroom there are 4 faucets to deal with, two sinks, the shower and the tub.  Plus the closet doors are glass sliders and they have a gold metal bar around them.  Today we replaced that and just for the bars it was $350.00.  We shopped around it was the best price.

  Now onto the faucets.  The problem is that I can't find any amazing deals on or amazon because I need 4 and I need them to match.  The cheapest possible scenario is going to be at least 500 bucks and that is for very low end, not what I was invisioning at the beginning of this process.  So just a word to the wise to realize these things before starting.  We want to redo our guest bath after this and it will be so much easier because there is only one faucet and everything is so small. 

I will show pictures of the remodel in a week or two when we are finished.  I was going to today, but my roomba knocked over my camera and the two great loves of my life battled it out to the death and my camera lost.  My canon 18 55 lens died a violent death and I only have a very lowend portrait lens to use till I can replace it. 

Here is my latest etsy listings.  Both were old fashioned painted wood decorations and I simply painted over them with chalkboard paint.  The pig I felt needed some dressing up. 

Just a quick craft idea if you have dated decor you want to make a little more modern.  Or if you want it but don't want to do it yourself, visit my etsy shop and I'll have them listed later tonight.

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  1. I just read somewhere (sorry can't remember which blog) that they spray painted all of their bathroom fixtures with oil rubbed bronze spray paint. They were very happy with the finish and it looked great in the photo. Hope this helps. Love your work.

  2. I'm sure it's too late to be helpful, but just in case: that was on Addicted 2 Decorating's blog.