Friday, March 25, 2011

Taking a chance

I wanted to talk to the people out there who are where I was a few months ago.  Not really doing what they wanted, trolling the blogs looking for good furniture redos.  Always wanting to do it but not feeling very confident about taking the plunge.

Before I started to sell (remember I'm an expert now because I have sold one whole piece of furniture;)  So please give this blog post the respect it deserves.  Seriously though it is tough to take a chance especially if it involves your family finances.  I was very concerned about the financial aspects of starting a business. I decided that I wouldn't do any antique malls or flea markets because it was too much money up front. Where I live antique malls want $250 a month for 6 months upfront.  Way too much risk for me.  Flea markets want $70 for a weekend and you have to be outside all weekend manning your booth, also not interested. 

But I found that consignment shops love to take hand painted furniture.  You set the price and they take 1/2 when it sells.  I had to think about it for awhile because at first that didn't work for me. But I soon realized it was the perfect solution, very low risk and I don't have to man the booth.  If I only buy reasonably priced garage sale finds then I still have alot of profit.  I also decided that I would use the paint that I already had to start out.  The only thing I needed to buy for this was a little pot of the onyx stain. So think about going for it if you want to, I have no idea if this will continue or not, but if I decided tomorrow I hate it or I need to concentrate on something else I can stop and I haven't really lost anything except a few hrs and $5 bucks.  But if I continue to love it then I continue to use my profits to buy new furniture and eventually a paint sprayer, be still my heart.


  1. Thanks for that tip... it is exactly what I have been thinking about, never thought of consignment shops...