Wednesday, March 9, 2011

tin cross tutorial

I used my leftover tin from my heart project and cut out a cross today.  Cutting out the heart was pretty easy but with the cross I tried to get tricky and cut on the diagonal.  I don't suggest this.  It was more difficult and not worth it.  If you cut with the lines it is pretty easy though.

I used a sharpie and put the shape I wanted and then cut it out.  Like I said before not smart to go against the stripes.  

Then I used a can of yellow spray paint that I had and did a coat over the whole cross.

I noticed that if I stayed pretty close to the tin, about 4 to 5 inches away that I could spray a pretty stable line and didn't need to tape off the stripes.  I didn't even wait more then a few minutes to do the second color.  It's a very forgiving project.

Then just because I was feeling a little tricky I decided to splatter some pink.  I used a paper plate and sprayed the paint on the paint and then dipped a paint brush into the paint and splattered it across the top.

Just like with the heart, I took a nail and hammer and hammered the nail through the top to make a hole to put the string through.  I would suggest putting a piece of wood behind the tin.  

Then I strung a strand of beads and tied it in the back.

There it is, all done and on my front door. 

The tin is sold in home improvement stores with the wood and it costs around $9 dollars a sheet, with that sheet I have made 4 hearts and then this cross.  So you get alot out of it.  

You need tin snips to cut the tin and I would suggest gloves, especially if you try to be tricky and cut on the diagonal.

I also put little felt circles on the back so it doesn't bump against the door in the wind.  

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  1. I really like it! Love "Jesus Lives" done in the beads! You are a talented lady!!

  2. Hi, Im a new follower and I was wondering if you sold the tin crosses? I have a wall of crosses in my house and would love one of your tin crosses!

  3. I have a wall of crosses too. I generally make things and then sell them in my etsy shop, but the tin crosses aren't for sale. Sorry.

  4. This last post may have sounded a litle mean, if it did I apologize. They aren't for sale because I cut the tin on a diagonal and the edges are very uneven. I'm afraid I would need to send out tetanus shots with this cross. But generally craft items are listed in my etsy shop.

  5. What a sweet project, and the beads add a cute touch. :)

    Tnx for linking this up at my party this weekend! :)

  6. Love this cross!! visiting from CSI...don't forget to add their button! :)