Thursday, August 4, 2011

This is how hot in texas it is......

Even the mermaids are coming out of the water.........

I do these pictures for my family all the time on facebook.  I thought I would let you see this one.  Don't worry she is not being hurt in anyway.  Her eyes look like that because where she is looking is a treat that she gets once I take the picture.  Anyways her name is tally and she is a beautifully trained hunting dog, that morphs into my puppy supermodel when the mood hits.  I wonder how many followers I'll lose from this post.  Hopefully none, I love you all, we are sick of the heat and bored waiting for the kitchen to begin.


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  1. Well, she certainly is cute all dolled up...
    & boredom often stimulates creativity.. : )
    Sorry it is so HOT down there... I cancelled a trip to Dallas last week, because of the heat.. : )
    (80 & cloudy here open for the 1st time in a while... : )

  2. Cute, your certainly having some fun in the heat.