Monday, November 28, 2011

model home monday 7

Today was a busy day!  All my ornaments and decorations fell in the attic.  Sometime this year, we didn't really notice till we went to get them.  Christmas villages smashed to smithereens, ornaments are dust, etc.  I'm secretly thrilled, it's an excuse to get new stuff.  My stuff was hand me down decor that my mom and mom in law didn't want anymore 20 yrs ago, plus stuff I've added.  So anyways today was a whirlwind of shopping and decorating and model home picture taking.  So here we go.....

This is the model we will be looking at today.  Drees is a high end builder here, but I'm really not liking the looks of this model from the outside.  Yucky lot placement.

When you first enter the home there is a little library area.  I loved this wall treatment.  So I took a closer look.  I think it is just mdf cut to the same size with the sides being painted black and then just attached to the wall.  Very cheap, but dramatic effect.  Here's a close up...

In my experience you can get the home depot guys to cut exact cuts for you for free, especially during the day m-f.  So this could be a very easy weekend project.  Just be sure to paint the mdf with a foam roller, it just goes on smoother.

Model home master bedroom.  Noticed the same paneled look on the headboard.  I love that headboard. 

Kitchen, love the hood and the seating at the island.  Plus I love the glass with fake veggie fillers.  

Here is the dining room, it has a fireplace, unfortunately my picture stunk.  But out of this whole beautiful house I can sometimes get sidetracked by the oddest, smallest details.  I love the monogram on the slipcovered chairs.  I have been planning on doing this for my breakfast nook since I painted my new fab table.  Can't wait to get started.  If only life would slow down for a bit I could get them done.  Thanks for stopping by.  I am trying to have all new christmas decor this entire week, hopefully.


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