Saturday, December 3, 2011

christmas mantle part 1

I am loving my christmas mantle this year. Sometimes a tragedy and a tight budget can be the mother of invention..  Part 2 will be on the 7th.  I'm part of a christmas blog share and need to wait till then to reveal two more parts of the mantle.

In fact I love it so much I think after the season I am replacing the glitter buckets with galvanized buckets and keeping the rest. 

I truly love milk glass.  I am now considering painting the back of my dining room builtins a soft gray because my aunt gave me about 20 pieces of milk glass and I want them to show up in the white bookcases.  But these are staying and being filled with something else too.  It's love again!


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  1. Very pretty mantel. I like the milk glass.

  2. Your mantle is lovely. Nice use of the milk glass. I've collected milk glass for more than 40 years and have an extensive collection. It's so much fun to find different uses for the various pieces.