Monday, December 26, 2011

house keyrings

So what happens when you spend your Christmas break watching your friends houses, pets and mail?  You start to realize how easy it would be to lose their house key and really stress out.  Not that it has happened here, why would you think that?  We are perfectly organized here, I mean I run a tight ship------ sometimes.  So I decided the problem would be solved by crafting of course!

These cute little house key chains are going to be in my etsy shop, each will have a hole, like the first with a key chain attached.  To hold that very important key you don't want to lose or have someone lose.  They are 5inches by 6inches and started as chipboard diecuts  They have been embellished and then mod podged, so they are pretty sturdy.  Plus I think they are darn cute.

They are in my etsy shop and ready to go
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