Thursday, December 15, 2011

mojo lost!

Hope I find it soon.  Between my high schooler's week of finals, all their holiday parties and events.  Being a single mother because my husband thought the month of December was the perfect time to go to paramedic school and simple loneliness - my mojo is gone.  When I don't have to drive anyone anywhere I take a nap.  Thankfully my husband comes home tomorrow.  He'll still be doing rounds in the hospital, but he'll be home at some point during the day.  He's doing this now, because his day job comes to a halt during the month of December, so I'm not mad, just incredibly emotionally exhausted. 

I have been working on family handmade gifts and was planning on showing them to you, but they aren't turning out too cute.  I do some work and then need to lay down, it's very sad.  I have been slaving over a la la loopsy skirt set for my 6 year old niece that I pictured in my head so amazing, but it is simply ugly.  I'm giving it one more try tomorrow and then I will post a picture failure or not. 

Here's a little piece of good news- I think I have found a new store to sell in.  I make more on the split 60/40 instead of 50/50 and I think I can ask for a higher price in this place.  So I will be pursuing that tomorrow also.  Really I am starting to come out of my funk and wanted you to know I was still alive. 


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