Friday, December 2, 2011

snowflake door wreath

So as you know I lost a bunch of christmas decorations this year, my attic imploded.  Not sure.

But because of this I am trying to make lots of fun, cute, cheap decorations.

It's been fun, fortunately I'm not very sentimental.

So here is my new door snowflake!

I got the general idea from diary of dave's wife.
who got it from someone on pinterest, it's really a long muddy trail but at least everyone is giving credit.  I like that about blog land.

I started out with popsicle sticks.

I just played around with it till it looked like a snowflake.  I think if I would have paid attention to the angles, it would have turned out a little better.

Learn from my mistakes people!

Then I spraypainted it silver.

On this picture I really overexposed it so you could see all the layers.

1.  I gluegunned a dollar store plastic snowflake on top of the popsicle snowflake
2.  I glued a glittered styrofoam blue snowflake on top of that.
3.  I glued acrylic blue beads on all the ends.
4.  I glued rhinestones on all the joints.

The whole thing took less then 30 minutes and cost me zip, because I had all the odds and ends laying around.

I think she is so pretty.  She seems to be holding together well and I may love her!   But can you see where I should have paid attention alittle to the angles?

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