Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where am I?

In painting pergatory!

I have finshed 10 cabinets and door, but it's not pretty enough to show yet, plus I'm knee deep in granite and tile bids.  I am hoping to have pics on Friday, but it will probably be Saturday.

It's a big job, I wanted to be completely done by Saturday, but honestly painting with oil based paints makes for alot of sitting around waiting for paint to dry. 


Monday, June 27, 2011

My kitchen redo

Here are the before pictures of my kitchen.

Here it is from the other side

I personally love my kitchen.  It 's a great size, the counter and cabinet placement doesnt' need to be changed.  The look is a little dated, but it's starting to fall apart.  The formica is starting to come up, the floors are gross closeup.  In some areas the stain is completely gone and my kids get splinters in their toes.  They can't be refinished.

The real reason I am redoing the kitchen is that honestly I've never loved it.  We built this house 12 years ago.  We couldn't get granite or quartz countertops, just formica.  We could get the tile we have for the backslplash in white or off white, just not alot of choices.  So we are redoing it and I am thrilled.  We have a very tight budget, but I am going to try my best to get everything within that budge.

Here is the first step.

I primed the edge of the cabinet and then painted it white oil paint.  The walls were also done in oil, so I primed them and did a strip of the color I am thinking of using.  I love it, I love the blue grey and how it matched with the island that is staying just as it is.

So here is the plan. 1. Black or dark grey countertops, either granite or quartz.

                              2.  White subway tile back splash in a brick patten and then up to the ceiling behind the
                                   stove.  We will hang a stainless hood from the ceiling and remove the cabinet and
                                    current hoodtop.
                              3.  New tile floor.  I don't want wood again in the kitchen.  I'm not sure yet what I want.
                               4.  White painted cabinets.  I will do these.
                               5.  Blue grey walls
                                6. new farm sink with a front bib, it will be gorgeous
                                7.  New hardware

All of this will be done for 7k, I hope.  Who knows though, we may have to let a few things go because the budget is not negotiatable.  The major purchases will be bought on july 15th, so who knows how long it will take from there but I will update all along the way.  Now I have to get painting.  I will post colors tomorrow.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

summer plans checked off!

So in keeping with my summer plans I bought lots of paint today.  I will have many patches all over trying to decide what colors to do. 

On Wednesday I sent my 16  yr old son to Africa :( :) :( :) :( :( :)  I'm happy and sad for him at the sametime.  Being a mom can be complicated. 

The duffel bag is full of "stuff" for my brother in laws family.  It weighs 49lbs 14 oz exactly.  We weighed it many times.  The essenitals are things like rice a roni, kraft mac n cheese, stuff like that. You can get it where they are but it's about 18 dollars a box.  If you are a praying reader please pray for Jake.  He is gone for 3 weeks and as soon as he left his mama's back went out really bad.  It was like I could only be brave for so long.  I'm better now

Next week our daughter will go and build houses for hurricane victims.

She'll be gone for a little over a week.  This is the second time this summer they have both been gone for a week together.  My husband is over the moon, I am a little more ambivalent, so I am planning on repainting anything that doesn't move in my house.  Paint samples to come tomorrow. 


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My summer calendar

This summer by the brook designs has lost it's mind.  I have a long list of things I would like to get done.
My kids are both going on missions trips and various camps this summer and I am one of those moms who really feels it when her kids are not around.  My 17 year old son is going to Malawi Africa for 3 weeks and my 14 year old daughter is building houses in Corpus Christie Tx for over a week.  I think it is important for them to do, but I am blue  at the thought of them being gone.  So here is the list:

1.  I have decided that my master bedroom is done (for now).  I will show a picture of the whole room sometime this week.  I've shown sections but not the whole thing yet.

2.  I am finishing the masterbath.  I will be painting cabinets all next week and then show befores and afters.  

3.  I am redoing a guest bathroom.  Not sure I will get that done by summers end, but I will try.  New tile, sea glass blue venetian plaster walls, painting cabinets, new coutertop and a beautiful shower curtain.  Think sea glass blue, white marble hexagon tile, nickle finishes and black cabinetry.  Beautiful!  It's small so I may finish.

4.  Last, but what I am most excited about is starting July 15th we are renovating our kitchen.  This work will be done by professionsals.  I'm crazy but not that crazy or empty nested.  I have a small budget though and maybe forced to paint my own cabinets just to squeeze more out of the budget.  I don't want to, but it maybe necessary.  

So keep coming back to see what is new around here.  Oh I am also working on rearranging my craft room, so there will updates with that also.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New no sew curtains

I used to have these curtain in my sitting room

Complete with falling down blinds.  They were originally made from 3 walmart curtain panels.  I used the extra panel to make the ruffles on top and add some length.  I thought they were pretty cute for what I had them with, but they were always too short.

Which I had gotten away with because a huge chair was in front of them and it didn't show.

I am now changing my curtains because I am turning this room into my new swanky craft room.  I will be working on it all summer and showing lots of projects that I do to make it a furnctioning but cute craftroom.

So here are the new curtains along with tips to make them.

I already had the curtain rod, it just needed to be repositioned higher, then I just folded over the burlap and clipped it to the clips.  The bottom was just cut across once they were secured.  A tip for that is to find a string that is where you want the end.  Simply pull out that entire string, because it runs straight across it gives you a perfectly straight obvious gap.  You can just use that gap as a guide when you cut across and it's a straight line!  
After deciding the length, I plugged in my glue gun and glued the black pom pom fringe to the edges.  Lots of blisters later my drapes are done and I didn't have to sew a stitch.

Here they are with half the pom pom fringe done. You can leave it plain or use a different ribbon.

It was soo easy to do.  They are unlined but I want alot of sunlight in this room, so that was okay with me.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

my continued room redo

Here is another corner of my master bedroom.

It started with this old door.

Then I proceeded to "ruin it" according to my daughter.  Really there was no reuining it, it was pretty beat up to begin with.  I bought it for 1 whole dollar about 10 years ago.  I procrastinated doing anything with it for so long that my husband put it in the attic 8 years ago.  While looking for a door wreath for the summer I found it in a dark corner.  I was soooooo excited!   I mean really is there anything better then "finding" an old treasure you forgot about and already paid for?

After dusting it off I dry brushed it with about 5 different colors of paint.  Teal green, lighter green, and some greys and aqua blue.

Then I sanded it down a bit to relax the different colors

It might need more sanding, I'm not sure.  My room is pretty dark.  It's 110 here today.  We were forced to put dark screens on the outside of our master bedroom just so we could live here.  I dislike indirect, dark rooms but sometimes practicality wins.  Since the sun is not so bright in there I decided to leave it and see if after a week it looks to dark to me still.

Here it is in my room

The curtains are made from two different curtains.  One is the ikea ritva curtains in white.  They have a linen texture, are 19.99 for the pair and really pretty.  They weren't long enough for my windows so I added lace bottom from the shabby chic shower curtains from target.  The tops are behind my bed and the bottoms weren't showing and were just being wasted.  I think they turned out very pretty.  

So here are the other sections of the room.  In the next few days I am making a pillow for the couch in our room and then I proclaim this room done!  There are still a few things here and there but it's at the stage now where if I find something perfect I will replace something else but otherwise done, done, done done, done!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some great stuff!

Today is a good day!  For 3 very specific reasons.

1.  My kids are both at church camp for a week together!  A whole week!  My husband took a week off from work and it is as awesome as it sounds.  Of course I miss them, a little......... and probably more by the end of the week but for this moment............ it's as awesome as it sounds.

2.  I finally bought a new camera lens.  It's a sigma dc 18-125mm.  I love it. I love it.  I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.  I finally finished my bedding for my bedroom.

Check out the difference between my old lens and this one.

Picture with the old lens, this is as big as I could get it

Picture with new lens and redone pillow

Here it is from the other side of the room.  I didn't close up the end of the pillow yet, I wanted to make sure I didn't want to add another row of ruffles and then I couldn't wait to try out the new lens.

And to top of the wonderfulness of the day, this is what my husband brought home today:

You have to embrace those good days of summer, because when you have kids it can get to be a little much sometimes.

If anyone is interested in a tutorial on the pillow let me know and I will post it. 

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Friday, June 3, 2011

summer mantle

In my pledge to get more out of the summer months, I have been crafting a summer mantle..  the banner is made from burlap with different patterned aqua materials machine stitched in place.  The sea sign was just made on a whim,as all things should be in summer, and I love it. It was a dark stained wood item I just found lying around the garage.  Leftover from some other project.  all I needed to do was just alot of dry brushing in aquas, green greys, greys and whites.  I love it.  Both of these will be available in my etsy shop next week, but not till I receive my new lens and can take a more detailed pictures.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

striped wall

The CSI project is having a link party for painted walls.  This is the front of my stairwell.  A very thick horizontal stripe.  I wanted to focus on this wall, but not too strongly.  It was very easy.  Just masking off the stripes.  One stripe is solid and the darker stripe is a little less of a solid color, a little more mottled.  This picture was taking during halloween last year, which is why the gourds are on the top of the cabinet. :)

It's summer

I have not always embraced summer.  I am a redhead with light eyes and freckles.  I avoid the sun like it is a monster trying to devour my youth and pale freckly skin.  Since I live in Tx, this can become a little depressing.  I think I have must have some type of reverse seasonal affective disorder, I thrive in the spring, fall and winter but shrivel up in the summer.  Plus applying sunscreen gets old, so I mostly just stay inside.  But this year I am determined to enjoy the summer.  My children are getting older and my youth has passed me by awhile ago, so a few wrinkles are expected. 

My summer rules this year:
1.  I will not complain about the heat, I will embrace the vitamin D.
2.  I will go in the pool with my children and husband and annoying dog, I mean really how many times do I have to throw her ball before she is happy!?!
3.  I will invite people over for pool parties.
4.  I will focus on the things of summer that I do love. 

So here are some pictures of the things I love in my backyard currently.

The cutest towel hook ever!

My beautiful mini hibiscus flowers

This grass
The pool behind is pretty good too!  

I hope you enjoy your summer.  Pile on the sunscreen but enjoy!