Monday, October 31, 2011

Model home monday3

Welcome to model home monday, one of my favorite days.  I love looking at model homes.  I also try to mix it up a little in price points.  This is a smaller home with less special features.  It had lots of color, which I appreciate and I thought it was done very well.

For some reason the next picture is sideways.   I switched it in my photo editing, but it didn't rotate for blogger, hmm.  I think it's a nice idea for curtains. I have been thinking of doing a similar curtain in my family room with light yellow, aqua blue and limey green.  Unless I find a pattern I love soon, that's what I will be doing.

Here is the master bedroom.  I thought it was lovely.  I loved all the pops of color and the pattern throughout.  The curtains had a mesh that lets in lots of sun. Plus  I just loved the headboard and how they decorated that wall

This is the corner opposite the bed.  Don't you just love the pattern on the chair.  Truly drool worthy.

Master bath.  I loved this silver tray and how it was decorated.  If you look in the corner you can see my cute zebra purse, or part of it.

Had to get another shot of the headboard wall when I left the bathroom.

This was next to the chair.  What do you think?  If you went to someone's house and saw this set up would you think stepford wife, or what a cute idea?  I love it for a model home but I don't know for my house.

 Just to prove my point from last week that alot of model homes around here are decorated with a large percentage of kirkland's stuff.  I wanted to show this.  I'm not sure if it is kirklands, but it has that look and it's on the outside brick wall on the patio.  I think I may have to do that at my house


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Thursday, October 27, 2011

More ticks off the old list

I have been going crazy painting furniture.

Love the big blue aqua glass knobs.

this little beauty may stay with me.  It didnt photograph that well.  The knobs look like holes, but they are beautiful glass knobs.

Plus this ugly, horrible, nasty piece of furniture.  I hate it so much.  I hope it sells, I would probably give it away just to not remember what a pain it was to paint.  It was my first annie sloan chalk paint.  The bookcase was free but the paint and materials cost$200, plus I hate how it turned out.  I have discovered a love for chalk paint.  The white piece is chalk, but I didn't wax it, I sealed it with an oil based sealer.  Much easier then waxing.

Plus I have a dove grey clawfoot table with a black stained top drying.  It has matching grey chairs also.  I originally said I had 9 pieces to paint.  Well 2 of the chairs were wonky so the table went from a table with insert and 6 chairs to a small round table with 4 chairs.  So now all my painting projects are done, the kitchen painting is done, I redid a piece for my bedroom.  I believe that was list except painting my family room.  Now I will need a new list for before the holidays.  I'm tired people.


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Monday, October 24, 2011

Model home monday 2

Pretty house!  I love it.  This is a sanders model home in Allen Tx.  Close to where I live, but in a whole other planet, if you know what I mean.  I love the different levels in the landscaping.

Here is the dining room.  Loved the metal on the dining room chairs.  The mirrors were very pretty also. The best part of this model is the lights, as you will see.

Big beautiful kitchen. 

Here is the other side.  What a nice breakfast nook.  Once again a beautiful light fixture.  None of the light fixtures have any glass around the bulbs.  Beautiful, but I wonder how functional in the real world.  The picture is from kirklands.  Alot of houses here are decorated with about 30 to 40 percent kirklands stuff.

Once again a beautiful light fixture, but no glass.

I'm not a huge fan of the family room, it was a little dark.  But the beams are beautiful.

Master bedroom.  Don't like at all, the crane picture is hugely ugly in my opinion.  

But it redeems itself with that beautiful light and the ceiling beams.  Be still my heart!

The master bathroom.  Beautiful.  I love glass with sponges and bath beads.  I'm a sucker for that stuff.

Here is my fave of the whole entire house.  Love the glass in the cabinets of the bathroom.  Love, love, love!

Thanks for peeking at model home monday.  I'm trying to make this a fixture on my blog.  I will try to get cute kids rooms ideas also.  In this particular model the rooms were cute, but my pictures stunk. 

Tally's new fall outfit

Like everyone we are feeling a bit of a financial pinch around here and Tally more then any of us.  She has been begging for a shopping trip.  So this weekend we went.  I was hesitant because she can get a little pricey.  She likes her bling and a hat to complete each outfit.  Finally we decided purple was a good fall color choice for her.  Now remember she is getting older, so she can get a little heavy handed with the makeup.

I might have an issue, I'm not sure.  Anyways come back later for model home monday.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another check off the old list

Yesterday and today I have been putting a second coat of OIL paint on my cabinets.  I think OIL paint says it all.  But it's worth it for the durability.  So I am finally almost done with that and got to put some more cabinet pulls on.  Hooray!  Finally some fun stuff!  If you remember from previous posts I am putting these sweet glass pulls on all the upper cabinets.


Except for over the microwave and oven.  I found these on deep discount at Anthropology.  These are definately  DOUBLE LOVE!


Here's a little tip if you are sick of waiting for your husband to have time to install the cabinet pulls.  I took a 3x5 card and figured out where I wanted the pull to be and made a mark.  Then I used my paper punch to punch out a little circle.  Now I just take the 3x5 card to the cabinet and line it up the same way.  Mark through the circle and I know exactly where to drill.  Then just flip it over for the otherside.  Very easy.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Model home monday 1

I am one of those lucky people that live around alot of model homes.  At least I think that is lucky.  There's nothing like stepping into a beautifully decorated home and just getting ideas.  So I have decided to attempt to show one model home each Monday.  Not every room, just what I think looks good, or is a new idea for me. 

A nice table scape for the dining room.  I have a thing for clumped fabric on a table,  I don't know why.

The next picture is a kid's room that didn't have any furniture.  I thought the painting was a cute idea to fill a wall with color.  A canvas with circles of different colors.  Not to difficult, but cute.

Not the best photo, but I loved the bath sponges jammed in the back glass jar. It looked very pretty and added a pop of color.  

The picture I took as a reminder to me.  I have several of these arched niches in my house and I have no idea what to do with them.  I liked that the mirror was not a perfect replication of the arch of the niche. 

Lastly just because I have always wanted one, a fireplace in the breakfast nook, just because.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

my son's pictures

I haven't been blogging lately.  I am working on the list, phfffffffth.  Not anything fun, setting up a paint room in the garage, doing a second coat on the kitchen cabinets.  All that non fun stuff that will eventually lead to fun.  Anyways my 17 year old son has been  taking a few photography classes in high school.  He offered to do a few free pictures for the gym he works out in and this is what he did.

Here's the crazy part, they are straight out of the camera shots.  No photoshopping, the little booger.  He just cropped them.  I think I'm gonna have to hire him quick for homemade cookies before he gets too expensive.


Friday, October 7, 2011

a good day

Today I had craft group, we made painted jars for halloween.  I will show pictures of that this weekend.

Okay on to "the list"

I finished another item.  I made new art for the old art I took out.

Remember this?

I took it an put it behind my tv in my family room.

Which I love, but the only room that I have pronounced "done" was no longer done.  And remember I am a known liar in this area.

So last weekend I went to the renu store for habitat for humanity and bought an old oak cabinet door.  It was the perfect size and $5.  I primed it and then painted it with a combo of white and grey paint, very sloppily.  Then I cut out my wedding date in vinyl on my cricut and spray painted over the numbers with sea glass spray paint (krylon) and this is my new art for my master bedroom.

I kinda love it.  It's hanging above my tv and it's perfect.  My only regret is not using hearts for the spacers.  If I could do it over I would use the heart and no dots, but otherwise a pretty easy project.  I think the key to good subway art is to have the white layers, have other shades of white or gray drybrushed and have the painting a little sloppy, then spraypaint a good solid non messy coat on top.

Here it is above my tv. 


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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hopefully a not to creepy lovenote to a new follower and progress on the list

Okay this post is dedicated to my new follower sstone at  Who commented that she became my follower to see what I would get done on the list.  I love you sstone!  You were just the comment I needed to really go crazy on the list and get alot done this weekend.  I am a sarcastic girl and got a good laugh from the comment, but truly it inspired me.  So just for you and anyone else out there LOOK what I got done.

Disclaimer:  My husband was on a canoe trip with our daughter and it was my son's homecoming, so I had no responsibilities other then to feed the dog and show up to take pictures of Jake and his date (and not one turned out, so sad)! 

So on Friday my friend Vickie and I went to the restore thrift store and found these 5 doors in the background for my screen.  All 5 were $35!  They carried them out to my minivan for me and everything.  Underneath the red flea market basket hanging on the wall is the beginning of my new sign for my master bedroom, it's primed and that's it so far.  It was a cabinet door for you guessed it? 5 bucks!  At the same thrift store.  So 2 items checked off the to do list, almost!  Remember I'm a known liar about project actually being done- I always change things up.  So hopefully this will get finished completely soon.
Next items (almost checked off the 'ole to do list) are the 6 chairs, table and leaf.  What an ugly picture this is.  Its been primed 2x and painted in a laura ashley grey, that maybe too light.   Now I need to distress and stain with a black stain and seal.  So about half way done.  Plus to add another kink, I kinda lost a little control of the spray gun and sprayed down a few unintended items in the garage.  So I have been forbidden to work anymore till my hubby gets a proper spray room set up for me, which he says will be tomorrow, hmmm!

Lastly I painted and need to resand and stain the top of this little side table.

This one is turning out so cute I may actually keep it.  I'll wait to see the end result. 

So hopefully a few pretty pictures by the end of this week to show.  Truly a big thank you to my new follower, I would have watched alot more tv and felt bad about myself at the end of the weekend without that comment.  Btw I am now following you, so let's see what your up to little missy!  I love my followers!