Thursday, January 5, 2012

In a funky funk

It's been awhile since I posted. I have been in a funk. A bad funk. Normally the holidays aren't my fave but this time was bad. But thankfully I feel back to my old self and since I just turned, gasp 48, I wanted to do a post with 48 facts about me. That may or may not end at 30 since 48 is a lot! So here we go:

1. I am 48.
2. I have been married for 19 years, happily. That last part I'm the most proud of.
3. I was born in Massachusetts
4. I am a mayflower descendent. Francis Eaton if your interested.
5 I am extremely unorganized and nothing helps. Calendars etc. I just don't bother to look at them.
6. I am a punctual person. Late people drive me crazy.
7. I write things on the palm of my hand, if I need to remember it
8. My best friend and I were childhood friends, college roommates. We have not lived in the same state for 20 years but we still talk and see each other at least once a year
9. I had gestational diabetes with both of my children, but don't have diabetes any longer.
10. Both my children were born a month early and weighed almost 8 lbs. due to the diabetes and they were both perfectly ok.
11. I am very OCD. And as my husband likes to say, " not in a good way!". I.e. compulsive cleaning,etc. just mostly obsessive negative thoughts. It sucks, but after having my kids I went on an antidepressant that was life changing.
12. I played a newlywed in a stage show at knott's berry farm. It was the stuntman show and my husband gets picked to go on stage.
13. I moved to southern California when I was 6 and lived there for over 25 years.
14. I moved to Texas 15 years ago.
15. We were originally suppose to live in Texas for 6 weeks but within a week we decided we would live here and raise our family. We are obnoxious proud of Texas people! ;)
16. I have a very painful strained relationship with my mom! I have never admitted that before to anyone other then very close friends. But unfortunately it's true. Don't worry she doesn't read my blog.
17. Between my husband and I, we have lived through 4 divorces and 6 remarriages with our parents. See #2. None of our parents see that as a bad thing. See #16.
18. I hate cooking dinner and will avoid it at all costs.
19. My husband has 3 jobs. Software manager, volunteer fireman, and he has his own website for fire depts.
20. My husband is currently working his 3 jobs and going through paramedic school.
21. My husband is a brainiac.
22. My husband has lots of energy.
23. Before marriage and momdom I was an adoption social worker/ therapist. I loved the adoption work. Hated being a therapist.
24. I am a tad bit crazy.
25. We are currently in the process of adopting.
26. I am terrified about adopting!
27. I have not had a diet coke in 3 mths.
28. I was previously very addicted to diet coke.
29. I love the show "the middle".
30. I am always worried about my terrible grammar when I post.
31. I am a very good speller. Any spelling errors are a typing errors that I didn't notice.
32. I am a very speedy typist
33. I am a devouted Christian, since I graduated high school
34. I think if people truly understood grace- there would be lots more Christians.
35. The older I get the more I realize forgiving people benefits me more then them.
36. Being a peri menopausal woman sucks!
37. No other woman in my family has struggled with it but I believe it may kill me.
38. I have been to Hawaii twice for free. The first trip was at the ritz Carlton! Perks from software sales.
39. I am an Irish twin. I'm Irish and my sister and I are less then a yr apart in age. We are the same age for 18 days a year and then she gets a year older, it's glorious! I don't think I would love it as much if I was older.
40. I think I'm pretty narcissistic because this has been easier then I thought. See #24
41. I am a redhead
42. I have at least 1000 freckles on my face.
43. I go to the dermi at least once a year and get something lopped off.
44. I hate the dentist, but will go now for cleanings since I discovered nitrous.
45. Our premarital counselor suggested we not marry. We celebrate ( unnamed counselor) can suck it day every year! April 15th just in case your wondering.
46. I don't wear any jewelry except to church or dinner. I don't like wearing any, it's weird.
47. I'm afraid of heights.
48. I love blogging and all my followers!