Sunday, January 8, 2012

new crafts and a new day!

Hello my fun followers!

How has your sunday gone so far?

Mine went great?  I don't know if I have ever shared this but I work at my church.  I'm on staff in the children's dept.  I have the best job imaginable.  Really I do.  I get to decorate all 3 stages for our children's church.  Every month.  I paint signs, banners, decorate and generally have alot of fun.  Plus I work everyother sunday as a coordinator for grades 3,4 and 5.  Love the kids.  Today was not my week, but I thought it was.  Have you ever done that?  I felt pretty lame, but the truth it's the best thing that could have happened because I acutally went to the worship service.  I never get to do that.  I shouldn't say get to, I should more precisely say chose to.  I could every other week if I wanted.  But I have become lazy and have stopped.  Today was on proverbs one and wisdom.  Boy was the reminder needed. All of us need fellowship.  If your attendance has gotten a little sloppy I encourage you to return.  That's the beauty of grace, we always get a restart.

Okay now on to crafting.  My husband and kids camp together a couple of times a year. This was the weekend, so I socialized with friends alot!  Plus did alot of crafting.  While I was socializing I went to a local antique store and found this basket.

I thought it was a super cute display item for my new shop.  The crafting part was of course the hearts.  I made some out of velvet, silk, chenille, linen and canvas.  I think I made 10 total.  It took all day.  They will be in my etsy shop tomorrow and I will sell some at my actual shop.

Here's some more in a different container.  I watched the notebook and listened to music and just thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Another craft I worked on was this canvas.

I made these in 3 different colors.  They are screenprinted and need to be stretched on a canvas and blinged up a bit.  I will finish these up tomorrow and show them with a tutorial.

So I am praying ( I really do pray for my followers) that you are having a good day, or if it's yucky it's for a good purpose and it doesn't linger.  Bye my friends


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