Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday monday

This weekend I made a few silver chalkboard trays fom my store.

Then I decided I wanted to avoid making my new family room curtains for another few days and started to rework a family photo wall.  I like family walls when all the frames are the same, but the pictures are all over the place and there are other items added, like an initial or the number of people in the family.  Stuff like that.  So I went to hobby lobby to get a b.

It was 2 bucks.  It was originally gold but I painted it a cherry red.  I like it.  The frames are going to be white with white mats, so I think color from the pictures and then pops of color will look nice.  Then I went off to find a four somewhere and that's where I lost it!  I realized I needed a 5, because as many of you know we are adopting.

It's not done yet, it needs to be modpodged and straightened out.  But aside from that the number 5 blew me away.  I almost felt like I was going to get caught buying the wrong number.  Like I was committing a crime.  As many of you know I have been praying for this child for 14 years.  14 years asking God to change my husband's heart towards adoption.  He's not opposed to adoption, he was just done with two.  Two is more then enough, unless you ached to adopt, and I ached!

Praying for along time for anything can get taxing.  I'm sure everyone has something that they long for, a change in a relationship, a longing for something you can't make happen, someone's health.  It is a painful but hopeful process.  Honestly I lost hope.  I turned 48 and thought ok I guess I better start praying for God to take this desire away because my husband's not interested.  While praying for that my husband called to ask me if I was still interested in this adoption thing.  God amazes me!  So this weekend I bought a five and I bawled like a baby for all the world to see while I was doing it.  But I didn't care because I feel like Sarah, laughing that God would allow this to happen so late in life but so amazed at His grace that He would.  5 is a beautiful number.

Tomorrow night we start taking our classes.  I am longing for my 10 to 12 year old girl.  I don't know what color her eyes are, or her skin, or her hair.  Whether she likes to play dolls or would rather climb a tree, but I know she's mine.  She's been through pain and heartbreak and I can't heal that, but I know who can and I intend to tell her about all the prayer and love that has been waiting for her from before she was even born.  Adoption is beautiful, but just like anything worthwhile you have to wait, and pray and allow God to work.


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  1. What a touching post, Lisa. God is so good, but you're right, waiting is very HARD.