Wednesday, March 21, 2012

button cross art

Last night I had an adoption training class.  3 hours of utter boredom laced with terror.  I think it's how they vet out the people who are committed.  Really not a fun time.  Just 2 classes to go and then it's just turning in the 1000 pages of paperwork.  Since my husband couldn't make this class and I knew what to expect I brought a craft to do

I have been loving the initial button art I have seen on pinterest and decided, why not?  It was very easy.  I googled a cross image I liked.  Then took the paper to the window and put my fabric over the paper and traced out the design with a light pencil line.  Once I got to class I just put a pile of buttons on my table and started stitching them within the lines.  The first level looks a little sparse when you are done so then I added more on top, in between the buttons.  Very simple.

It only took an hour though, so two more hours of boredom laced with terror.  The stories that are told.  Anyways one very sad thing that was said by a caseworker was that out of the 25 kids she has on her caseload, 4 are adoption failures.  Kids that were adopted and their parents put them in foster care after the adoption was completed.  How sad is that. It made me wonder about my girl.  Since we are aiming for a 10 to 12 year old girl, that maybe her story.  What alot of heartbreak for one little heart to bear.

This along with others will be in my etsy shop.  I have an 8 hr class on Saturday, so I will be making more. ;)


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