Monday, March 19, 2012

the color orange

Not my favorite.  In fact my least favorite until recently.  I have noticed it popping up in my house lately.  I have a pretty colorful house but the 3 colors I don't much appreciate, unless it's halloween are orange, purple and pink.  Sometimes I'll go with pink but it's never a focal color.

But everytime I walk by my mantle I find myself focusing on this little arrangement.  It's so pretty, how did orange slip in there?  I love it with aqua blue.

And then there's my tulips.  There were other colors available, but these sung to me.  I told you I adore cheap white milk glass.

And then there is my spring kitchen plate display, orange crept in there too.  I may have to change my mind about orange.  What about you fan, or hater?


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  1. LOVE ALL THE COLORS, AND YES' Orange too. WINKS, jen

  2. I love your new colors on your blog page