Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stuff i'm bad at!

Ever since picnick decided to end, I have had problems with photo editing. I know their still around but I can't seem to connect with them. This Christmas I got an iPad and thought wouldn't it be great if I could download and edit photos on my iPad. Wouldn't it? If only I could figure thar out it would be, by the way does anyone know of a good substitute for picnik? I loved it so! Why is it leaving me?

Other things I stink at, since we're discussing it is answering my phone. I hate it, it's an albatross around my neck. I would rather do almost anything then actually talk on the phone. I don't even like to speak to my own husband on the phone. The only person I enjoy talking on the phone with is my best friend and that's only because we haven't lived in the same state since college and she is texting and Facebook impaired.

I cannot follow a weekly meal plan or grocery shop from a list. I can not! Many have tried and failed to help me in this area. It must be a genetic flaw that can not be overcome. The thought of making a grocery list makes me feel very twitchy and anxious. I can think of 3 or 4 things for dinner and get that and guess at the rest but that's as good as it gets plus I usually forget a bag when I leave the store or forget to buy something. This quality is especially annoying to my children.

The final flaw for today's blogpost is that I am very introverted, not shy, introverted. I must have quiet time to myself. I'm visiting my sister this week and by about 5 pm everyday I am ready for bed. Just because I desperately need to be alone. If there was one quality I could change about myself it's this. I stretch myself till about 8 pm and feel like I'm possibly going to implode and then go to bed. I think it hurts her feelings. We are complete opposites. She is up till 2 am and extremely extroverted. How did we come from the same gene pool? My husband is extremely extroverted also. My 2 children are exact opposites as well, one very social and the other craving solitude.

Ok I'm off to bed for real now. Thanks for listening to my flaws and liking me anyway. Hopefully someone is just like me. Sorry no pictures, I need to figure out this iPad photo downloading



  1. Have you tried Picasa photo editing? It's similar to Picnick but not as many features.

  2. Thanks Vicki, I will give it a try!