Monday, April 23, 2012

a lamp redo

I have these two lamps that I bought at kirklands a few years back.  I've started redecorating my house and they just didn't work anymore, but I still liked the shape of the lampbase and the barrel shade.

World's worst picture right.  I didn't check until after I had already changed the lamps so this is as good as it gets.  The base shape was working for me but not the two toned gold and oil rubbed bronze finish and I wanted an aqua blue shade. 

So I got out my krylon oil rubbed bronze spraypaint and just quickly painted the gold area.  This is my basic spray paint set up.  I use a lazy susan from ikea that was 7 bucks and put it on my grass and I can turn the lazy susan and spray paint.  It works great.  Plus by the next time you mow the lawn the paint evidence is gone. 

Next I needed to change the lampshade.  I was at tuesday morning and found xlarge aqua blue ricrac in their craft section.  I love tuesday morning craft supplies, they are high quality but a great price.  Anyways the ricrac was 25 yards, which was not enough to do 2 lampshades so I went back and got the off white ricrac also.

Here is the end result.   I love it!  Many finger blisters from the hot glue gun later and it's exactly what I wanted. 


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