Thursday, March 29, 2012

my new milkglass

Remember a few weeks ago I went to Minnesota to visit my sister?  Well here is the beautiful milkglass that I got.

Beautiful vase. It's huge and only cost .50cents.  Crazy right?  Crazy!

Here is the beautiful fruit bowl that I scored.  I think my mom may have had this exact one.

This one broke the bank at a whopping 2.50.  I love thrift stores in small midwestern towns.  They have the best loot.


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Friday, March 23, 2012

reality isn't always pretty

We are moving.  It has been decided.  Sometimes I'm sad, sometimes I'm happy.  We are moving for lots of reasons, mostly because all of us want to.  But we have lived here for 12 years and have always said this is it.  We have made changes based on that and now I am overwhelmed with the thought of staging my house and repainting it etc.  So it's very bitter sweet.

We live in a very highly regulated hoa community.  But we all really want to move about 5 miles away to the country.  To the biggest, ugliest, nastiest one story with a barn we can find.  I mean I want a pit of a house that I can renovate.  But we are not listing this house for about 6 mths.  So that gives me plenty of time to start packing away, throwing out, donating and redoing.  But it is still overwhelming.  Another thing that is prompting this post is that  I just found out that the adoption agency we are working with wants pictures of our current children's bedrooms.  Did you hear a pin drop?  Can you hear my heart pounding?  Is it hot in here?  I have teenagers and I am very loosey goosey about their room situations.  I'm panicking  So here is true confessions time.  This is my current 15 year old daughter's room.  Are you ready?  You might want to have young children leave the room...............................................

Yep, that's right I didn't pick up a thing.

Chalkboard wall, I don't know if we will paint over that or not.  I really don't want to, but we are painting the rest of the walls plain white and then adding a thick horizontal green stripe on the opposite wall.

This is the section I am going to try and work on this week.  Making that bookcase more useable, getting all the junk into piles for her to go through  and decluttering her desk.  I also plan to set up her headboard. She adores it, we found it in a thriftstore.  I would adore it if she would let me spraypaint it lime green or orange, but she won't.  Plus I am making new curtains that are lined.  I promise this time I will.  I have to.  So if you are wondering if my daughter and I battle about her room constantly, the anwser is nope.  I really don't care.  I'm very loosey goosey in this area.  She cleans up her mess in the house and her bathroom has to be company ready at all times, but her bedroom can look like this as long as every two weeks it gets cleaned properly.  So this is at the end of two weeks and pre the big cleanup.  But now things will have to change and rooms will have to be ready at all times, so I will help her organize this disaster and make it easily cleanable.

This weekend I have an all day adoption class and I work at church all day on Sunday.  I am aiming to get the one side done.  We'll see.  I'll post by Sunday what is done.

Quick story:  My senior year of high school our house caught fire during the day.  It was a mess and we had to move out for a few months to have everything worked on.  My mom loved to give tours of the disaster and whenever they got to my room the person would inevitable ask if this is where the fire started because the fireman really destroyed this room.  Nope, that was how my room always was.  My family loves to tell that story to this day.  I find it funny myself.  So I'm wondering did I reveal to much? Do you still like me or are you horrified?  I'd love to know and don't worry I have no plans on linking this post up, this is just for us. Although I will link the afters. 


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

button cross art

Last night I had an adoption training class.  3 hours of utter boredom laced with terror.  I think it's how they vet out the people who are committed.  Really not a fun time.  Just 2 classes to go and then it's just turning in the 1000 pages of paperwork.  Since my husband couldn't make this class and I knew what to expect I brought a craft to do

I have been loving the initial button art I have seen on pinterest and decided, why not?  It was very easy.  I googled a cross image I liked.  Then took the paper to the window and put my fabric over the paper and traced out the design with a light pencil line.  Once I got to class I just put a pile of buttons on my table and started stitching them within the lines.  The first level looks a little sparse when you are done so then I added more on top, in between the buttons.  Very simple.

It only took an hour though, so two more hours of boredom laced with terror.  The stories that are told.  Anyways one very sad thing that was said by a caseworker was that out of the 25 kids she has on her caseload, 4 are adoption failures.  Kids that were adopted and their parents put them in foster care after the adoption was completed.  How sad is that. It made me wonder about my girl.  Since we are aiming for a 10 to 12 year old girl, that maybe her story.  What alot of heartbreak for one little heart to bear.

This along with others will be in my etsy shop.  I have an 8 hr class on Saturday, so I will be making more. ;)


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Monday, March 19, 2012

the color orange

Not my favorite.  In fact my least favorite until recently.  I have noticed it popping up in my house lately.  I have a pretty colorful house but the 3 colors I don't much appreciate, unless it's halloween are orange, purple and pink.  Sometimes I'll go with pink but it's never a focal color.

But everytime I walk by my mantle I find myself focusing on this little arrangement.  It's so pretty, how did orange slip in there?  I love it with aqua blue.

And then there's my tulips.  There were other colors available, but these sung to me.  I told you I adore cheap white milk glass.

And then there is my spring kitchen plate display, orange crept in there too.  I may have to change my mind about orange.  What about you fan, or hater?


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Saturday, March 17, 2012

spring in texas

But let's face it, it's been spring all winter.  Craziness


the lazy girls way to clean a white ektorp slipcovered couch

Disclaimer:  This works for me and hopefully it will work for you.  But I in no way guarantee this, I am just sharing what has worked for me.

Okay I feel better now.  I have a lovely corner ektorp sofa with a white slipcover.

The only reason I bought this couch was because miss mustard seed told me I could.  I'm serious.  She did a whole post on how she has a white slipcovered sofa from ikea and even though she has two toddlers and a youth pastor husband, with youth kids eating pizza on her couch every weekend, it has held up.  And if that wasn't enough she explained that every year after Christmas the white slipcovers go on sale for 50 bucks and she gets a new one.  SOLD!

I got mine about 8 months ago.  I will get a new slip cover every year.  The corner sofa is 100 bucks.  But in the meantime it needs to be clean.  I have 2 teenagers, a dog and a cat that shed.  I don't limit my kids eating on the sofa.  When they have sleepovers it's usually on this couch.  With the oily teenage heads and cheetos and pizza etc.  I'm a thrill seeker what can I say.  The first time I thought it needed a cleaning I washed the whole thing.  Not horrible, but if I  can avoid it again I will.  

Here is the system I have come up with for cleaning it.  I did this two months ago and have been watching the fabric where I cleaned and it seems absolutely fine.  

Here's what you will need.  A bleach pen, a white soft cloth and a 1 to 1 ratio of hydrogen peroxide and water.  This last item needs to be made and handy before you start bleaching.

Here's the stain.  I believe it is chef boyardee.  I take the pen and just put the bleach over the stain.  Then I very closely watch it.  It can take from 2 seconds to about 20, but it's quick.  As soon as the stain is gone I take the hydrogen peroxide solution and saturate the area with it and then take the other end of the towel to sop up any extra liquid.  This is key because hydrogen peroxide apparently neutralizes the bleach, so you don't damage the material or the foam underneath.  Today I did 5 spots.  The last time I did this was 2 months ago and I did 2.  So this seems to work.  

Tips for washing your slipcover

1.  Be ok with a shabby chic look.  A slipcover means a shlumpy look.  If you aren't comfortable with that, it's not for you.

2.  Don't dry the slipcover completely.  If its a little damp the material stretches and it's easier to get back on.  Mine actually dried completely and then didn't fit back on.  I rewashed it and then tried again and it was fine.  You are supposed to have it drycleaned, but once again I'm a thrill seeker and washed and dried it.

3.  Plan on buying a new slipcover every year.  White is just not going to hold up for all time, that's why I went with ikea.  I knew I could afford a yearly slipcover.  


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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

making a floor rug out of smaller rugs

I'm not the first to attempt this, but I thought it was worth a tutorial.  When we first built our house we had hardwoods installed and I thought it would be a great idea to leave some carpet in the middle of the family room so that I could put an area rug on top and it would be extra soft.  Brilliant, except I'm not a detail person and I didn't have them leave it an actual rug size.  It's way too big of an area and costs a fortune to have a rug made and bound the right size.

So on to the next idea.  While at Ikea I came across some area rugs that were lime green shag.  Love! Love! Love!  Of course they were too small so I bought four and decided to tape them together.  This is the tape I bought.  It's from lowes.

It's called ez seam pressure sensitive seaming tape.  The pressure sensitive is important because the other tape is heat sealed and you have to heat it with your iron and it gets goopy.  This I just set my rugs the way I wanted making sure that the seams were lined up and then layed the tape down and walked on top of it a few times.  It was very easy.

This is how it looks when it is done.

Neat and clean and no gumminess.  Can you see my aqua blue toes?  They snuck in there.

Here it is finished.  It's been here for about 2 weeks and everything is staying as it should.  If you look on the left side of my couch you can see my 20 dollar thrifted quilt from Mn.  I will show more of my fab finds later this week.  I'm waiting for my aunt to ship a box, yep we scored that much.


P.s.  Remember my bemoaning of the lose of picnik.  Well the previous owners have a new site called and it is the same.  Hallelujah!

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

I thrift therefore I am...

I love thrift store shopping. I know it's very trendy but I loved it before it was cool. I love finding worn out stuff to redo somehow. Tomorrow is my big thrift store day while I'm on vacation. I vow that every piece of milk glass in mt lake mn will be mine. Every single piece, even if it costs me one whole dollar. Because if I find 20 pieces here it would still be less then that. It's crazy how undervalued it is here. So wish me luck and if you live anywhere in the southeast corner of Minnesota and hear a crazy woman screaming its because I hit the mother lode


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stuff i'm bad at!

Ever since picnick decided to end, I have had problems with photo editing. I know their still around but I can't seem to connect with them. This Christmas I got an iPad and thought wouldn't it be great if I could download and edit photos on my iPad. Wouldn't it? If only I could figure thar out it would be, by the way does anyone know of a good substitute for picnik? I loved it so! Why is it leaving me?

Other things I stink at, since we're discussing it is answering my phone. I hate it, it's an albatross around my neck. I would rather do almost anything then actually talk on the phone. I don't even like to speak to my own husband on the phone. The only person I enjoy talking on the phone with is my best friend and that's only because we haven't lived in the same state since college and she is texting and Facebook impaired.

I cannot follow a weekly meal plan or grocery shop from a list. I can not! Many have tried and failed to help me in this area. It must be a genetic flaw that can not be overcome. The thought of making a grocery list makes me feel very twitchy and anxious. I can think of 3 or 4 things for dinner and get that and guess at the rest but that's as good as it gets plus I usually forget a bag when I leave the store or forget to buy something. This quality is especially annoying to my children.

The final flaw for today's blogpost is that I am very introverted, not shy, introverted. I must have quiet time to myself. I'm visiting my sister this week and by about 5 pm everyday I am ready for bed. Just because I desperately need to be alone. If there was one quality I could change about myself it's this. I stretch myself till about 8 pm and feel like I'm possibly going to implode and then go to bed. I think it hurts her feelings. We are complete opposites. She is up till 2 am and extremely extroverted. How did we come from the same gene pool? My husband is extremely extroverted also. My 2 children are exact opposites as well, one very social and the other craving solitude.

Ok I'm off to bed for real now. Thanks for listening to my flaws and liking me anyway. Hopefully someone is just like me. Sorry no pictures, I need to figure out this iPad photo downloading