Monday, April 23, 2012

a lamp redo

I have these two lamps that I bought at kirklands a few years back.  I've started redecorating my house and they just didn't work anymore, but I still liked the shape of the lampbase and the barrel shade.

World's worst picture right.  I didn't check until after I had already changed the lamps so this is as good as it gets.  The base shape was working for me but not the two toned gold and oil rubbed bronze finish and I wanted an aqua blue shade. 

So I got out my krylon oil rubbed bronze spraypaint and just quickly painted the gold area.  This is my basic spray paint set up.  I use a lazy susan from ikea that was 7 bucks and put it on my grass and I can turn the lazy susan and spray paint.  It works great.  Plus by the next time you mow the lawn the paint evidence is gone. 

Next I needed to change the lampshade.  I was at tuesday morning and found xlarge aqua blue ricrac in their craft section.  I love tuesday morning craft supplies, they are high quality but a great price.  Anyways the ricrac was 25 yards, which was not enough to do 2 lampshades so I went back and got the off white ricrac also.

Here is the end result.   I love it!  Many finger blisters from the hot glue gun later and it's exactly what I wanted. 


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Saturday, April 14, 2012

I couldn't live with it a second longer

What?  the new pinwheel buckets in my backyard. I know it's crazy but it was bugging me.  They just looked tacky.  So here is what I came up with.

Ahhh!  Much better.  I used some of my beloved milk glass.  I have more then 2 of this style so if it kisses the back fence I won't be too sad.  We're supposed to get tornadoes today, so we'll see if they last.  I have them filled with pea gravel. 

So I still think the pinwheels are cute and fun, but the containers make them fit the backyard fireplace area better. 

I have 2 more projects for this backyard besides the general cleanup needed and one of those will contain moe pinwheels. 


Thursday, April 12, 2012

backyard mantle

Okay remember my princess problem.  I have a beautiful backyard but no way to decorate because of the winds we get.  No glass, no ceramics.  Plus because it gets so hot in the summer here, it's not very colorful.  So I am trying to add color through my decorations.  Theses aren't perfect, but I can make them cute

I love pinwheels!  They are just so happy.  I found these yellow buckets in the paint bucket section at lowes.  They were 3 dollars each.  The pinwheels are from hobby lobby, this week they are 40 percent off, so they were about 2.50 each.  Then I added polkadots by using duct tape.  They didn't turn out so well.  I think I am taking off the duct tape and painting them.  But since I had them done I put them on the mantle because today is pretty windy and I want to see if they make it.  There is a ton of dirt and rocks in the buckets, so hopefully they will stay in place.

The metal/ wood decoration is the only thing that made it through last summer.  The star fire screen is actually broken, yep last year it was flung against the fence in high winds.  Crazy right?


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

tips on sewing with ruffles

Today I made a table runner for my backyard table.  Now that I have the heavy tool box, I can actually put something under it and not worry where it has "flown" to after the next storm.

At first I was going to do canvas as the big piece of material, but when I was rummaging through my fabric I found this pink and white heavy cotton twill.

close up of one side

And the other.

Ok so here is my ruffle tip.  I don't have any sewing training.  I am completely self taught, but I have been sewing for over a decade now and know my sewing does last.  I used to be so worried about it, but as long as it looks right and stays that way, who cares.  Okay off my soapbox.  For ruffles, I hate hand making them or machine stitching them and then pulling the thread through.  It is a big waste of time.  When you break down a ruffle it's really just a series of creases in material.  So I make those creases by hand.  Just a few, I can't seem to do more them a few without messing it up.  Then I start the machine and stop and then do some more ruffles, start stitching, stop, do somemore.  I have seen project runway contestants put their hand on the material a certain way and then continuously make a ruffle.  I can't do that, but this stop and start method works for me.  Even though I am probably not saving time, I feel like I am and that is all that matters.


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Monday, April 9, 2012

my backyard

I have a beautiful backyard.  We planned for it for along time. 

We don't seem to have any pictures of just our backyard.  So here is one of my daughter for her first day of school this year.  The pool is obviously in the background and then if you keep going to your right we have a shade structure with a fireplace.

That's my dog, but the fireplace is to the right and there is a huge shade structure over it.  Now so what's the problem,  it's a small one but it has become a big deal.  We live in Tx and the winds can get up to 40 or 50 mph in the spring and summer and it seems to go straight down the pool and through the shade structure.  Everything gets blown all over the yard.  I had such beautiful plans to decorate this and none have worked out because of the stinking wind.  Well I'm not one to wallow or feel sorry for myself for such a PRINCESS problem, so this spring I am praying and thinking about it and I think I have my first success.

For the top of my table I bought this huge old tool box.  It's probably 2 feet by 8 inches wide.  It's heavy and it holds stuff.  I spraypainted it a light blue green.  I didn't distress it because it will get that way on it's own.  It's cute, it's heavy, it won't get blown by the wind and I can put pretty stuff in it and it's not blown away either.

Here's what it holds

8 inch plates (plastic)  paper towel roll, cups, a mason jar filled with silverware and my beautiful milkglass vase with snapdragons in them.  The front row I think will hold our condiments, I'm not sure yet about that.  But it's practical and beautiful at the same time.  Come back all week for more wind bustin backyard decor ideas.


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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I don't know why but I am not loving holidays this year.  Around this time my mom was the same way.  She went all out and then one day was not interested.  I think mom's just have so many years in them and then we just get tired.  Plus the expectations are there because you have always done this.  Blech!  So I will do my best to not show my true feelings, especially to my youngest.  She loves all holidays!  In fact I may enlist her help this year.  Hmm, I might be on to something.

So I put up the door cross.  6 days before isn't bad right?

A close up.  Here is the tutorial from last year for this.

Its pretty easy.  I  have also been planting.  Trying to get the yard in shape for spring and summer

In my opinion snapdragons and not daisies are the friendliest flower.  But they don't last long here in Dallas, but I will take them as long as I can.

This is called moss rose.  It is a succulent so it lasts all through summer.  It's so hot here that can be a problem.  Plus and this is the deciding factor for me in all my plant choices.  It can be sprayed with roundup and it doesn't kill it.  So I can kill the weeds and not baby this plant.  Woohoo!   I also like gerbera daisies for the same reason.

So what are you doing for Easter?  We are having my niece and nephew over.  They have parents, but it's the kids that count.  Only kidding;)  We will heat up the pool.  It's hot here already but the pool is still pretty icy cold. We will have a bar b que and so I will be working on my back yard all this week.


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