Tuesday, June 19, 2012

summer summer summer SUMMER!!!

I am off to vegas today.  My husband has a conference, because everyone wants to go to vegas in June, ha!  I actually just want to hang out with my husband. So we're off in a few hrs.  I'm actually looking forward to it.  We don't drink and we're $20 gamblers, but I 'm sure we'll still manage to have some fun.

In the meantime I wanted to show a little of my summer decor.

Finally got to put my growing milkglass collection together.  All of the paintings are ones I did over the years.  The clouds is from art class this year.  The beach scene was actually done on the beach at the ritz carlton in maui.  I know you can hate me.  Do you remember about 15 years ago when companies gave away trips all the time? My husband won a trip to the ritz in maui.  It was amazing, but the best part was that there is an art school on the campus, so you could pay for art classes during your stay.  It was awesome.  The sea was from my fireplace mantle last summer.

Seashells that are on my kitchen table.  I have seashells everywhere in the summer.

My summer mantle.  I liked my spring mantle so much I really only added a peacock feather to each set of sticks and a seashell in front of the plates.

Adoption news:  We have taken every class and filled out every form.  We are now waiting for a home study  Once that is done we will start to be presented to kids that have had their parental rights terminated by the state.  It's then just a matter of time till we have a new child.  Crazy exciting and terrifying.